Your Destiny is Calling

A 6-week deep dive to learn your karma, your mastery, and your destiny!

Ever find yourself wondering:

*Why am I still stuck in this cycle? (unfulfilling relationships, health crisis, money issues)

*How do I get myself unstuck, and move forward in fulfilling ways?

*How do I know this is my highest path? Is this the best direction for me, or should I stay where I am?

Your North Node/South Node has ALL the answers!

You are DESTINED to move in the direction of your North Node! It holds the key to your greatest fulfillment & purpose.

But hold up! It's pretty much on PAUSE until you clean and clear the karma of your South Node! By dealing with the karma of your South Node, you are then liberated to bring it's mastery with you as you step fully and powerfully in the direction of your North Node Destiny.

Interested in learning what YOUR North Node has to say to you? Ready to step in the direction of your destiny? Committed to clearing your karma and freeing up your soul's mastery? JOIN US!

"Your Destiny is Calling!" will help you learn and integrate detailed aspects of your North and South Node. In this 5-module, self-paced course, you will learn the astrological wisdom to unlock these teachings, as well as move through practices and processes to help you heal the karma of your South Node, unlock your Past Life Mastery, and step fully into the destiny that your North Node holds!

"Your Destiny is Calling is a master class jam packed with goodies that I keep referring back to almost daily. Christopher takes his genius step system to higher and higher levels with new information I had not received in the three and a half years I have been following him. His handouts are not only colorful and complex but are divinely inspired. Julie then designs the best practical applications and most spiritual meditations to mine our gold from each of the lessons. Week after week I became clearer and clearer on where my passion is leading me. Today, just a few weeks after the end of the class, I am totally clear on where I am headed to be the soul I came to earth to be.

If you are wondering how to find the path that leads to your destiny, this is definitely the class that will take you there."

- Angela Louise Busila


All modules are a combination of pre-recorded video, audio and pdf files. You may move through them at your own pace, and you will have lifetime access to the course!
  • Module One: North Node/South Node. In this module, Christopher gives an information packed teaching on the astrological meaning of each North and South Node. Julie then takes you on a guided journey to hear what your Team in the Unseen has to say about your nodal pattern, and how to align more fully with your North Node destiny.
  • Module Two: North Node/South Node Cont. Karma, karma, karma. What is left to clean and clear? In what way did your family of origin set you up for this clearing opportunity? Are you still playing this out in current relationships? Julie leads this module to help us all get clear on the gunk still in the spiritual trunk, and how to show up fully for the karmic healing so that we can free ourselves up to use our SOuth Node Mastery!
  • Module Three: Houses & Decans. Christopher takes us one layer deeper into our our North and South Nodes through understanding the houses in which they're located. He adds to this a potent teaching: it's not just about the house, there are also different meanings depending on your house decan!
  • Module Four: Degrees/Step Astrology. Christopher now takes us all the way home, learning how the degree/step of our North/South Node tells us even MORE about our the direction and fulfillment of our destiny. Christopher has created a unique system called Step Astrology, and for the first time ever, he offers an in-depth exploration of all 29 step numbers and their meaning! Julie adds to the mix a potent exercise to bring all these elements together so that it's not just mental learning, but rather integrated, embodied transformation. Once the inner landscape shifts, the outer picture must follow!
  • Module Five: Q & A! Julie and Christopher come together to answer a ton of questions! We end our journey with insights, laughter and a ceremonial commitment to stepping FULLY into our North Node Destiny!

"There are thousands of programs online but only a few give you the miracle you need to free your life from spinning in anxious circles asking what in the world do I do now?!

As a Virgo, Sag rising I've studied philosophy, psychology, and literature for decades wanting to understand myself better and make the most of life. In just a few weeks with Julie and Christopher and other wonderful souls in the community, I learned incredible things I didn’t get anywhere else.

It’s a life-changing course that will help you galactically. I’ve never been more clear about what I’m here to do. Learning about my north node, felt like a homecoming and I got clear fast and have felt happiness since. It's as if I saw myself for the first time and believed in myself more than ever."

- Kyan Howland, R.N. M.A.Author of “Little Book of Ok”

Course Curriculum

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  Module One: Finding, and Understanding your NN/SN Axis
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  Module Three: Finding and Understanding the Houses & Decans
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  Module Four: Finding and Understanding your Step Astrology
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Christopher Witecki is Master Astrologer and Spiritual Life Coach that focuses on building inner happiness and personal joy. In fact, he calls it ‘Sirius*JoY’ — named after the brightest star in the sky. As Christopher puts it, his mission on earth is “to help you become the bright star you really are.”

Christopher is a psychic-astrologer, web tv series host, and software creator that combines his unique talents to form a cohesive life-coaching program for people seeking to find their joy and happiness. His weekly series “Namaste Today” provides daily spiritual guidance inspired by astrology and focuses on individual, daily achievement with practical applications.

Julie Elizabeth Day is a Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Founder/CEO of Practical Mystics. Licensed as an Agape Spiritual Practitioner in 2010, she is passionate about helping others connect to their Higher Self (God-Self) and truly LOVE their Human Self in order to express and experience more joy and fulfillment here on Earth.

She is the creator of numerous virtual classes, guided journeys and her sacred coaching system, all developed to support those on the journey of recognizing the holiness of the human-ness while aligning with the highest version of themselves in this incarnation.

"This class came at a perfect time for me. I'm a novelist but several years ago I felt totally burned out and had to quit. Then recently I got inspired and spent a year writing a novel I love. But just at the time of the class as my agent was about to send my book out to publishers I was getting the old anxiety again. I learned in the class that my south node is Gemini and what I hated was the constant worry about how my work was being received what people would say about it and so on. Finding my sagittarius north node freed me. I realize I can let all that go and focus on creating not on feedback. It was such a relief and now I can take the next steps joyfully. I loved the synergy of the two teachers. Julie's guided meditations were great and Christopher created amazing handouts. I really feel this was the perfect guidance for me!"

- Joyce Sweeney

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Are refunds available for this course?
We offer a full refund up to 30 days after enrolling in course. If you have moved through all the materials and find that we did not deliver what was promised, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, and upon completion, you will be refunded in full.
Are Julie &/or Christopher available throughout the course?
This not a live course, this is a self-paced journey using pre=recorded video, audio and pdf files. There is a private FB community where you may drop in and share insights and questions. Christopher and Julie do drop in from time to time, but that is not a component of this course.

This course is closed for enrollment.